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Future Vision - The Electronic Music Community in 2030

Partnering with DJs for Climate Action (DJs4CA) we conducted a survey and then designed and facilitated a series of workshops with DJs from across DJs4CA’s global community. Through this process we co-created a future vision for what a healthy, sustainable electronic music industry could look like in 2030.

The vision identifies four key areas for action – touring and connection; venues and events; economic and income model; and self-awareness, transparency and influence – together with case studies of emerging practices and a long list of practical ideas to inform DJs4CA’s own strategy and projects, as well as potential collaborations with others across the industry.

Stay'ge Positive DJ Training Course 

The Bye Bye Plastic Foundation aims to wipe out single-use plastic in the music industry, while enabling DJs and promoters to become eco-warriors through the promotion of circular economy and pro-environmental approaches.

In 2021, Bye Bye Plastic launched Stay’ge Positive – a new four-week training and mentorship programme offering artists workshops, classes and coffee talks with experts in climate and electronic music. The course involves four modules: Climate Change 101, From Self to Leader, Tune Your Voice, and Tune Your Creativity.


REROOT was selected to deliver the ‘Actions for Leadership’ workshop under Module 3: Tune Your Voice.

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